Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mary Berry's Bubbalicious Valerie Cupcake

At Mary Berry's, each flavor is represented with a girls name. Vanilla is Valerie, Red Velvet is Rachel Violette, and Chocolate is Charlotte. This cupcake had an icing made out of Bubbalicious Bubble Gum with a vanilla cake. I loved it because the icing was sticky and chewy like bubble gum, but it still had that flavor. And that beautiful bright pink icing! Yum! Tip: Send me a dozen!

Best dishes,

Doggie Dayz Fetch Cupcake

No, we didn't eat dog food! All of Doggie Dayz proceeds go to our local Humane Society. This one was a yellow cake with icing made to look like a tennis ball. (to represent a dog fetching a tennis ball!) it was so cute! I loved the icing! Tip: make the cake sweeter!

VEGAN Baby Boomer's Peas and Carrots Cupcakes

Baby Boomer's is a cupcake shop in Stone Harbor. This store that I went to is their vegan store- there is also a gluten free store. This cake was carrot cake, and the icing was peas! It sounds G-R-O-S-S. But my, my. It was extraordinary! The icing was soooooo sweet! Tip: don't tell your kids about it, or they'll use it as an excuse to "eat their vegetables"!